Arun Pradhan

Learning & Performance Strategist

Above all, Arun is a curious, empathetic and geeky human.
Beyond that, he’s an experienced learning, performance and innovation strategist, having developed solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies.
He was recognised by the AITD as Australia’s Learning Professional of the Year in 2017 and has a strong reputation for his work in enabling learning agility and using design thinking to co-design innovative performance solutions.

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Online | AEST - AUS 3 August 2020

Keynote: Design thinking: 8 Ways L&D Screws it up and what to do Instead

As an early adopter and champion of design thinking in learning and development, Arun is one of the most experienced and hands-on practitioners of this approach globally.

His work has spanned applying design thinking techniques to transform ‘tick the box’ compliance jobs; define organisational learning strategies; provide corporate performance solutions that span tens of thousands of people; build edtech businesses; right through to engaging with quick, low budget training requests for small audiences.

In this interactive session, Arun will share 8 hard-won lessons that will appeal to experienced practitioners and newcomers alike. Some of the topics explored include:

  • The L&D inspired idea missing from most design thinking processes
  • The difference between personas and ‘jobs to be done’, and the when/how of using them
  • The difference between pilots, MVPs, prototypes and RATs and the when/how of using them
  • How co-design, when used correctly, can impact on your career as much as the solutions you deliver
  • And finally, ignore the design thinking purists - how to hack the techniques at a scale and form that delivers the most value for you and your organisation today.