Egle Vinauskaite

Learning Consultant

Egle Vinauskaite is a learning consultant and director of Skillbright Labs, an edtech product development consultancy. She has experimented her way through digital learning mediums as diverse as courses, apps, platforms, academies, MR/VR, and worked with such brands as Facebook, Google, HSBC, ACCA as well as some of the most exciting startups around.

Egle has an Ed.M. from Harvard and is the Rising Star Award winner at the LPI’s Learning Awards 2020.

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Online | BST - UK 4 August 2020

Learning on the Job

Digital learning design is more than elearning courses. In fact, digital education is an exciting field that’s pushing boundaries in terms of technology, ambitions and potential for impact. However, being part of it requires versatile skills, a deep understanding of learning, and confidence to experiment.

This panel discussion will explore the imposter syndrome, confidence, ego, skill versatility and career longevity.

You will take away ideas and strategies around:

  • How to learn on the job through mini experiments
  • How to gain confidence to do things for the first time
  • How to keep your skills sharp and in-demand in a changing market.