James Bevelander

Graphic Artist / Video Creator
For over two decades I've harnesed my love of design, animation and video production to craft learning experiences that empower performance.
I tackle every project with a learner-focused mindset and an eagerness to creatively push the boundaries of what's considered standard eLearning.
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Online | AEST - AUS 3 August 2020

Making creative learning videos

If you struggle to nail creative briefs or you want to get more consistency and speed into executing creative projects, this session is for you. I will step through my process from stakeholder kick-off to final sign-off, in an attempt to turn the art of video production (or any media production) into an exact and easily repeatable science.

By unpacking past video projects I will walk through how I ideate, script and produce (end to end) video content that exceeds the client's/stakeholder's expectations whilst delivering a meaningful experience for the target audience. This approach has been successfully applied to a range of creative projects from humorous in nature to more serious subject matter.

What you will take away from the session:

  • Creative brainstorming techniques
  • Client/Stakeholder engagement
  • Copywriting. Storyboarding. On set talent wrangling (management)
  • Editing tricks and tips.