James Ser

Digital Design Manager

James Ser is a digital design manager and an avid photographer at SAP Litmos. He has worked on several creative projects including advertising, multimedia design, e-learning and taught a number of digital design subjects at Swinburne University Faculty of Design. He is passionate about making e-learning experiences simple, effective and beautiful. When he’s not in front of his computer, he loves spending his time cycling on his road bike.

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Online | AEST - AUS 3 August 2020

Critiquing Design

Have you experienced looking at the visual design of your eLearning course, thinking something is wrong with it, but cannot explain why or how to improve it? Providing and receiving constructive feedback is an important part of the quality assurance (QA) process. But how do we evaluate an eLearning design?

In this session, I will walk you through my thought process of critiquing design by showing you practical tips and tools that I use to improve two to three design examples using basic visual design principles.

What you will take away from the session:

  • Roles of visual design in eLearning
  • Importance of choosing the right images, fonts and colours
  • How to improve design using basic visual design principles
  • Tools that help to create better designs
  • How to go through a design review with your team or peer-to-peer review
  • What to look out for when doing a QA