Jason Butler

Games Developer

Jason Butler has worked in the creative digital industry since 2007, as a front end designer and developer. After a stint in the UK indie games sector as a games developer he brought his desire to create engaging and interactive experiences into digital learning when he joined Sponge in 2014. Since then he has been a champion for games based learning and gamification, creating innovative projects for global clients to create engaging and award winning content.

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Online | BST - UK 4 August 2020

Game Development

How can you successfully deliver game-based digital learning for serious topics such as compliance and ensure the learning objectives are met?

This session will explore how leveraging core gameplay mechanics into your solution can increase mastery and retention as well as improving engagement and application in real-world scenarios. By showcasing and deconstructing a live solution and exploring the quantifiable results we will be sharing practical advice on designing, developing and delivering impactful game-based solutions.

What you will take away from the session:

  • How to successfully leverage powerful game mechanics
  • How to ensure the learning objectives are met
  • How to design the learner journey to ensure mastery of the topic