Martin Percy

Award Winning Director of Interactive Films

Martin Percy is a director of immersive and interactive educational films for digital devices. For this, he has won a BAFTA British Academy Award, six Webby Awards, a Grand Clio, three Emmy nominations, four gold e-Learning Awards, given a TEDx talk, etc. His work includes Lifesaver, Lifesaver VR, Real Talk About Suicide, Heart Class, A Conversation with Sir Ian McKellen, etc.
He has created immersive/interactive films for the Tate Gallery, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, British Film Institute and National Theatre.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Online | BST - UK 4 August 2020

Keynote: Immersive and Interactive Educational Films

Martin Percy will share his insights on how to combine film and interactivity to make powerful learning experiences. He will lift the bonnet to show his unique methodology, revealing what makes films like 'Lifesaver' or 'Real Talk About Suicide' work so effectively.

In this amazing Keynote, Martin will show how you can use this approach for your own projects. He'll talk about why he never thinks of these films as 'stories'. Why he never scripts his films word for word. What he looks for when he casts actors, and why he never looks at actors' CVs. He'll show the medical research that proves the effectiveness of this approach to filmmaking - and show how you can use this research to get your own projects made.