Nicole White

CEO & Founder
Nicole White is CEO & Founder of The ID Crowd, a company hellbent on ensuring everything they craft serves a purpose.
Nicole has been a learning designer herself for over a decade. She is known for her big ideas and love of simple design. These days projects have been wrestled out of her hands (into more capable ones) and you can find her chatting to clients and industry peers over a cup of coffee (or a G&T), madly waving her hands around outlining all the possibilities!
12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

Online | AEST - AUS 3 August 2020

Selling Ideas to Clients

Most learning designers recoil in fear when asked to partake in a ‘sales’ activity. It has been aligned with sales targets, discounting and a drive for the win rather than the best solution. In reality, there are a core set of skills that you can draw from sales to help sell your ideas and drive change in your organisation.

In this session, we will tackle embracing that inner salesperson to shift the industry one project at a time.

You will take away from the session, through anecdotes and role play:

  • How to prepare for your ‘pitch’ (finding the balance between passion and facts) to seel your unique idea
  • Plan for common questions and dealing with objections about price and how long things take when you do them right.