Stefan Eger

Senior Learning Designer

Having worked in learning and development since 2010, Stefan excels in making content as accessible as possible for learner audiences, so that his solutions feel personal and representative for everyone.

In his time, he has designed, scripted and translated courses, programmes and blends for a range of companies including EDF Energy, Sainsbury’s, Barclaycard, P&G and many more. He lives in leafy Southeast London with his husband and his cat Sam.

1:45 PM - 2:30 PM

Online | BST - UK 4 August 2020

Under the hood of a Learning Experience Platform

Where did all these LXPs suddenly spring up from?

Us Learning Designers are used to thinking about the detail – the intricacies of our solutions. We put them together and they go to live on the LMS. At least that’s how it used to be.
When we design programmes that will live on an LXP such as Stream, there are a whole bunch of opportunities we never used to have. Opportunities that can enhance our content, shape learner experience, and create a cohesive programme where previously we’d only have been able to show a collection of courses.

In this session, I’ll use my own examples to demonstrate how designing for LXPs allows us to shift our thinking towards learner-centred programme design.

The main takeaways will be:

  • How designing for LXPs differs from designing for LMSs
  • The main considerations and opportunities designing for LXPs brings
  • An example of how we utilised what Stream can do to create the best possible learner experience
  • How Stream enabled us to create a solution that is efficient, effective and facilitates a user experience that puts the learner in control while giving the admins everything they need.